My Favorite Instagram Accounts in 2019

Instagram is definitely my favorite social media platform. Anyone else agree? While Facebook tends to be cluttered with politics, opinions and memes, my Instagram feed is (thankfully) quite the opposite.

On Instagram, I follow a variety of inspiring content creators. Through their photos, I discover new products, places and ideas every day.

There are so many talented storytellers out there that it was hard to narrow this list to only a handful of accounts. I chose the below accounts for my list because they consistently provide me with valuable, uplifting content that has a positive influence on my life.

One: Arielle Vey
Handle: @ariellevey
Category: Photographer
Why I love this account: Arielle’s photography is a spectacular showcase of the West Coast lifestyle. No matter what the weather is doing here in Pittsburgh, her photography takes me on a digital trip to sunny California. Arielle regularly interacts with her followers, which is always nice to see. If you browse her page, be sure to check out her online shop where she sells prints of her beautiful photography.

Arielle’s feed is full of teal, orange and mustard tones. Click to visit her page.

Two: Dani DiPirro
Why I love this account:
Bold, uplifting and colorful, Dani DiPirro’s original artwork never fails to inspire me. When I’m having an anxious moment or a stressful day, I appreciate her words of encouragement and cute graphics in my feed. Dani’s content is always original and she has a very recognizable illustration style. She sells books and prints through her blog, which is linked in her bio.

The illustrations on Positively Present are full of color and inspiration. Click to visit Dani’s page.

Three: Michael Wurm Jr.
Handle: @inspiredbycharm
Category: Home & Garden
Why I love this account: A Pittsburgher like me, Michael is documenting the renovation of his beautiful home (he lovingly calls it #bayberryhouse). He consistently posts original recipes and indoor and outdoor decorating inspiration. Michael is the kind of friend you’d love to have host a dinner party! I feel like hosting has become a bit of a lost art in today’s society, and I appreciate Michael’s passion for bringing it back to the mainstream.

Interiors, recipes and kitties abound on Michael’s blog, Inspired by Charm. Click to visit his site.

Four: Patrick Janelle
Why I love this account:
Patrick’s account is full of breathtaking, magazine-worthy shots. He’s based in New York, so expect plenty of those iconic NYC fire escapes, idling taxis and steam plumes escaping from grates. He travels frequently and shares hidden gems and beautiful places with his followers. With as much artistic talent as he has, it’s no wonder he’s the Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Liquor Cabinet (@theliquorcabinet).

Head on over to Patrick’s page for your daily dose of trendy NYC photos. Click the picture to visit.

Five: Carly Heitlinger
Handle: @carly
Category: Blogger
Why I love this account: Carly is one of the most authentic bloggers out there. I’ve enjoyed reading her blog for years. Through her blog, Carly shares bits and pieces of her life, style and family. I love her appreciation for classic fashion and her dedication to producing valuable content for her readers. Check her out at

Carly posts something new almost every day. Click to visit her blog, Carly the Prepster.

Six: Andrea David
Handle: @filmtourismus
Category: Movies & Film
Why I love this account: Andrea travels all over the world to famous film locations. She brings photos of famous movie scenes and captures the moment as it was in film. It’s hard to describe, I think you need to see it to understand how cool her blog is. She’s been reposted several times by various celebrities including Will Smith and Evangeline Lilly.

Check out Andrea’s page to see where your favorite movies were filmed. Click the picture to head to her page.

Seven: John Kanell
Handle: @preppykitchen
Category: Food
Why I love this account: Middle-school-teacher-turned-blogger John Kanell creates and photographs the most beautiful recipes on his Instagram account. Head to his page for a variety of recipe ideas including desserts, dinners, appetizers and more. He posts recipe videos often, too, which I always appreciate.

Need some inspiration in the kitchen? Look no further than Preppy Kitchen. Click the picture to visit his site.

Eight: Daphne Moreau
Handle: @daphnemoreau
Category: Blogger
Why I love this account: Daphne’s photos are delicate with a touch of retro, old-school Parisian glamour. Her fashion sense is impeccable and I’m always getting wardrobe ideas from her feed! She blogs at, but keep in mind that her posts are in French – you will need to keep Google translate handy.

Daphne’s classic fashion is #styleinspo for sure. Click the picture to visit her account.

Nine: Experience Scottsdale
Handle: @scottsdaleariz
Category: Travel
Why I love this account: Scottsdale was probably the coolest place I’ve ever visited, so it’s no surprise that their official Instagram account is just as trendy and beautiful. The gorgeous desert pictures inspire me to plan another trip very soon.

Palm trees, dry heat and swimming pools everywhere: who wouldn’t want to visit Scottsdale? Click the picture to head to the city’s official tourism page.

Ten: Howie Guja
Handle: @howieguja
Category: Photographer
Why I love this account: There’s something so nostalgic and patriotic about old East Coast preppy glamour. Howie does a great job of capturing the beauty and charm of traditional East Coast homes, beaches and lighthouses.

Sailboats, beaches and charming Nantucket homes can be found on Howie’s Instagram page. Click the photo to visit.

As I mentioned, it was super difficult to choose only 10 accounts for this post. There are a ton of wonderful creators out there, but these were the ones that spoke to me most in 2019. What accounts are on your list? Let us know in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow @wildgreensunshine on WordPress. Follow me on Instagram at @haileighsenatore. 

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