Fall Farm Tour

When I heard about our county’s fall farm tour, I immediately planned for us to go. I knew Daphne would love it, and sure enough, we had a blast.

I didn’t know this, but the tourism bureau organizes this tour every year. It’s a drive-yourself excursion that visits three farms in Western PA. Each farm had plenty of interesting things to see, do and learn.

Our first stop was a small family farm just outside of Butler, PA. This farm had chickens, tractors, sheep and a quaint farmer’s market and food stand.

I loved the educational opportunities here: the family had signs everywhere telling you about the different types of tractors, machinery and the processes they use. There was a huge corn kernel pile for the kids to play in, which was definitely Daphne’s favorite part.

After walking through the grounds and the barn, we browsed the farmers market and bought a few pumpkins. Before we left, we stopped at the food stand and had the most delicious homemade donut and coffee ever. We also snapped a family photo that turned out beautifully.

The second destination was an alpaca farm. I didn’t know much about alpacas before visiting this farm, but I learned that they are wonderfully soft, gentle animals. They actually reminded me of big dogs. Daphne loved petting them and feeding them hay.

Despite having about 15 alpacas, the farm was very clean. I could tell the owners treated them as members of the family. We spent about a half hour here taking pictures and getting to know the alpaca herd.

Our third and final stop was to North Country Brewery’s brewhouse and hydroponic growing facility in Slippery Rock, PA. Here, we had lunch and learned about hydroponic agriculture. As an SRU alum, I have been a fan of North Country for years. We were sure to pick up a 6-pack of their Late Night Pumpkin Ale to take home with us.

Overall, we had a great time at the fall farm tour. I learned a lot and the weather was absolutely beautiful. I’ll be marking our calendars to see where the tour goes next year.

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