My Bamboo Toothbrush Experience

Hi everyone! Hope you are had a great week so far. My week has been productive, but I’m really tired right about now. I can feel that it’s time for some self-care and I plan to spend the weekend relaxing.

I wanted to share with you guys a milestone I recently accomplished: I finally began using the bamboo toothbrushes I ordered months ago. This switch might not seem like a big deal to some, but I’ll admit that ditching the plastic toothbrush was hard for me at first.

I think it was hard because I am very particular about my teeth. I’ve had cavities in the past so now I’m (slightly) obsessed with brushing, flossing and using my daily rinse. I was definitely in my comfort zone with my plastic toothbrushes.

To be honest, I was afraid the bamboo toothbrush wouldn’t clean as well as my plastic one, or that I simply wouldn’t like it. My hesitancy about this switch showed me just how hard it can be to change up your routine.

Now that I’ve made the switch, though, I’m so glad I gave the bamboo toothbrushes a try! I really like my new toothbrush and I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about.

Although the bristles are softer than I’m used to, they do a great job cleaning my teeth. Actually, I’d say they do an even better job than my plastic toothbrush did.

I also love knowing my new toothbrush isn’t contributing to the planet’s enormous plastic waste problem.

Most eco-friendly toothbrushes are made out of bamboo. Bamboo is a wonderfully versatile material and the world’s fastest-growing plant. Some bamboo species can grow as fast as 1.5 inches every hour. How amazing is that? Bamboo also has natural pest-resistant properties, making it easy to grow without harsh pesticides.

If you’re thinking about giving the eco-toothbrush route a try, there are many great brands out there. The original (and probably the most well-known) bamboo toothbrush company is Brush With Bamboo. They offer a great USA-made toothbrush made with organic bamboo, compostable packaging and free shipping.

Another great option is the Isshah brand. They are available on Amazon and have carbon-treated bristles (carbon is a great natural teeth whitener). They’re also less than $12 for a pack of 8!

Unfortunately, bamboo toothbrushes aren’t readily available in local drugstores yet. For this reason, I’d recommend buying a multi-pack to last several months or the whole year. After all, the American Dental Association recommends changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months.

When you’re embarking on an eco-friendly and wellness journey, your comfort zones will likely be challenged and stretched. I try to remember that discomfort often coexists with growth. It’s all worth it, though: in my experience, there are better things waiting at the end of your comfort zone.

Has anyone else made the switch to bamboo toothbrushes? Let us know in the comments!

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