June Beauty Favorites

It’s Wednesday already! How are we halfway through this week?! Time has been going by so quickly lately. I need things to slow down just a little bit.

Since it’s already the middle of June, I wanted to be sure I posted about a few beauty products I’ve been loving this month.

Mederma Quick-Dry Oil

I’ve been a fan of the original Mederma scar cream for years. It has always been effective at reducing (and, in most cases, eliminating) scarring from acne, scrapes, and falls.

Since I love the original so much, when I saw a Mederma had a new skin care oil, I was excited to try it out.

Formulated with botanicals and without parabens, Mederma’s Quick-Dry Oil is quickly becoming an essential product in my medicine cabinet. I’ve been using a few dabs on my face at night to moisturize, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and fix uneven skin tone.

After a few weeks of consistent use, I am so pleased with the results! My skin looks brighter, clearer, and well-hydrated. The affordable price (less than $10 at Walmart) makes this an essential beauty buy.

Peek Metalimatte Quick Drying Blush

I received a sample of Peek’s blush in a Birchbox and I immediately loved it. The bright, easy-to-apply formula provides lightweight, natural-looking color to cheeks with just a hint of shimmer.

Reducing my plastic consumption is also a goal of mine, so the metal recyclable packaging is an another bonus.

VitaFit Polish

I stumbled upon the Defy & Inspire “VitaFit” line while browsing the Target beauty section. I was looking for a vitamin-fortified nail polish with fewer chemicals than the big-name brands.

VitaFit delivers on all the things you want in a nail polish: bright color, long-lasting coverage, no animal testing, and free of nine harmful chemicals including formaldehyde and toluene.

There you have it: my list for June. What favorite products are you using this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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