Week in Review

It’s been a good week overall. It was a short work week because Memorial Day was Monday, so that was really nice. I’m feeling pretty satisfied lately.

I am caught up with my projects at work, I was able to spend an extra day with Daphne, and Alan and I are still on track with our new budget plan. I also realized I owe about $4,000 less on my student loans than I thought I did, which I was so happy to hear. Now they’ll be paid off even sooner then I expected.

I’ve been trying to make time to have fun and treat myself, and I’ve done both of these things this week. Tomorrow, Daphne and I are going to the Science Center and I finally ordered myself some Bluetooth headphones for the gym. These two things alone would’ve made the week a complete success.

Here are five things on my mind.

1. Lauren Conrad Hazelnut Ankle Boots. I used some of my birthday gift cards to get these shoes and I love them. They are tall, but not uncomfortable. I got several complements on them at work! They’re on sale currently and I think I’m going to buy a second pair in brown.

2. VitaFit Polish in “Less Words, More Actions.” I bought this nail polish at Target and I am so glad I decided to try this brand. The color is vibrant, shiny, and perfect for summer! The formula contains vitamins that help nails stay strong and healthy, which is a plus, too.

3. Panasonic Bluetooth Headphones. I’ll be honest here: these aren’t the best headphones in the world, but they’re cordless, which is a huge upgrade for me. I was that person at the gym with the corded earbuds and my phone tucked down my pants (because, you know, women’s workout gear never has pockets). I was originally saving up for those wonderful Apple AirPods, but they were just too expensive for me right now. I’m trying to stick to the budget and these Panasonic headphones will get the job done just fine.

4. New music. I’m still putting together my June playlist, but I’ll be sharing that here soon. Thanks to Spotify, I’ve discovered a ton of new artists and songs and I’ve been listing to music nonstop lately. I’m especially loving The Revitalists, Finneas, and The Amazons. Also, if anyone can name the commercial that “Wish I Knew You” was featured on, please let me know. It’s been bothering me!

5. So. Much. Rain. The weather has been really goofy here in PA this week. We’ve had an unusual amount of rain and my hometown was pretty flooded last Tuesday. We’re all waiting for the rain to subside, but I think it’s going to continue into tomorrow.

Well it’s almost midnight, so I think that’s it for tonight. Thanks for sticking around.

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