Memorial Day Weekend

Today was the first day back to work after a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Time seems like it’s been flying by lately, but (thankfully) this weekend passed at a somewhat normal pace. I actually didn’t feel rushed or anxious at all.

I started the weekend by helping my great aunt move a few things from her house in Ohio to her new home in Pennsylvania. I haven’t seen her in a while, so it was nice to catch up and visit. I even made a new Spotify playlist for the trip (it was about 5 hours in the car total) so that helped to pass the time. I’ll be posting the playlist sometime in June, so check back for that!

The weather on Monday was perfect here in Pennsylvania.

On Sunday, Alan, Daphne & I ran some errands and hung out at the house. I went to the gym as usual, but I decided to pull back the intensity a little. I’ve been lifting pretty heavy weights lately and I’m starting to feel super sore and creaky. It’s to the point where my knees crack after sitting on the floor playing with Daphne. I haven’t been prioritizing my recovery as much as I should, so I decided to take the intensity down to about 70% for the next several weeks. It feels good to give myself a break.

On Monday, the weather was perfect: sunny and warm, but not too hot. I found a cute (and patriotic) Tommy Bahama outfit in Daphne’s closet for her to wear. It was given to us gently used by a family friend, so I think it’s a few years old. I searched and tried to link a similar one here, but it looks like Tommy Bahama is only making kids’ swimwear now. Bummer! I wished they still made kids’ clothes because this jumper is really cute.

Monday was a busy day. I visited with my parents in the morning and we all went to a cookout with friends in the evening. When we finally got home Monday night, everyone was tired and satisfied from our relaxing weekend.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Thank you to those who have fought for our freedom!

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