What’s in a Name?

Of all the decisions that it took to get this blog off the ground, I thought choosing a name was the most difficult. A name is so important and permanent – it’s the heart of your brand, and it should be used often and changed very sparingly. It needs to be unique, memorable, and original. In some way, it should reflect your brand, your mission, and your style.

This blog, Wild Green Sunshine, is technically my third blog. I started my first blog, Bean Gone Green, about four years ago now. The focus of that blog was specifically eco-friendly living. The name, Bean, was a nickname my husband called me at the time. I loved how the name rhymes and how it explained the gist of my website: my personal journey to greener living.

I had moderate success with that blog. Admittedly, I didn’t write regularly, and I began to feel a bit frustrated with the limits of such a specific niche. As I grew older, and although Alan still calls me “Bean” on occasion, I couldn’t help but feel I felt I had outgrown the name. I was eager to move into something more serious.

In an effort to rebrand, I decided on the name “Haileigh in Color.” I thought that using my own name in the title would give the blog a more personal touch. It did, but for some reason, I still wasn’t in love with it. I wanted a name that highlighted my love for color and positivity, but I felt that “Haileigh in Color” wasn’t the right choice.

As often happens in life, this problem corrected itself: in the fall of 2018, some sort of corrupt worm snuck into my site’s coding, and infected it with malware. In hindsight, I think it got in from my careless use of widget plugins and unsecured themes. The infection was so bad that I ultimately had to shut the site down completely. Thankfully, I was able to salvage most of my blog posts.

Although this was a major setback, I looked at it as an opportunity. Here was my chance to take everything I’d learned so far and build a new website completely from scratch. After weeks of browsing for inspiration, thinking, and experimenting, I finally settled on “Wild Green Sunshine” one night as I laid in bed.

Here’s why it’s my favorite name yet:

Wild: to me, this word evokes a feeling of freedom, of thinking outside the box. I also think of nature and adventure, both of which are important to me.

Green: the word “green” is very prominent in my life. I love nature, healthy food, and wellness in general. Green can also be associated with monetary value, which is another focus of this blog: through my writing and product reviews, I am always trying to connect people with well-made, beautiful items that provide happiness and years of enjoyment.

Sunshine: I love waking up to a beautiful sunny day. I feel like the word “sunshine” invokes a feeling of happiness and optimism, both of which I try to cultivate through this website.

I’ve learned that sometimes, setbacks put you on the path for even greater accomplishments. I’m eager to see where the next leg of this journey takes me!

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