Tips for a Longer Weekend

Weekends are so important. They’re supposed to be those amazing lazy days when you recharge your batteries, see friends and family, and work on hobbies.

Too often, though, my weekends fly by in a blur. Before I know it, it’s Monday morning again. Life is all about balance, but I’ve learned that it’s hard to balance everything I want to do and the many obligations I have.

I’m usually pretty tired during the week, so most of my chores and errands were saved for Saturday. Before I changed up my routine (more on that below), I would normally spend Friday night at home, spend Saturday morning doing housework, and by the time Sunday rolled around, it was already time to get ready for a new week.

On Sundays, I was getting what I call the “Sunday blues.” Around dinner time, I’d get a familiar rush of sadness. I’d start to feel bummed that another week is wrapping up, and I’d wonder if I did everything I should’ve or if I spent enough time with friends and family.

I hate feeling mopey and I don’t like questioning if I made the most of every moment or not. I want to enjoy every day and make my weekends feel as long and fulfilling as possible. I want to feel refreshed on Sunday nights and ready to take on the new week ahead.

Over the past few months, I’ve developed four tactics for making weekends feel longer, enjoying the present moments, and freeing up Saturdays from chores and obligations.

Do something fun on Friday. Too often, I’d come home and want to pass out on the couch (although that is hard to do with a toddler!) Although this is sometimes what I need, I find that I feel more energized when I plan something fun on Friday. Whether it’s a quick visit to a friend’s house, dinner at a new restaurant, or a movie date night, when I make plans on Fridays, it almost always makes the weekend feel longer.

Work on chores throughout the week. This is key. Instead of saving chores for Saturday, I try to break them up into smaller chunks over the course of the week. My husband is very helpful with this, and I’m thankful for that! All it takes is throwing in a load of laundry at night, keeping up with the dishes, and vacuuming quickly after dinner. When you spread the chores out, you can spend less time doing work on Saturdays, and more time doing the fun things that you love.

Dedicate specific weekends every month for fun. My New Years’ Resolution for 2019 is to have more fun. To accomplish this, I created a family “adventure calendar” that designates specific weekends throughout the year as “fun-only” weekends. It’s too easy to get caught up in the obligations of life and forget to have fun, but by having days built into the calendar, it helps me remember to take those weekends out to enjoy myself.

Stay off the phone as much as possible. I do most of my writing in the evenings throughout the week, which helps free up my weekends. When I’m hanging with friends and family, I try to stay off the phone as much as possible. I try to take in every moment, and remember the way a meal tastes, a song sounds, and a candle smells. These are the things you miss out on when you’re always on the phone.

So far, these ideas have been working for me. I’m starting to look at Sunday nights as an exciting start to a new week, instead of mourning the old week that has passed. It’s all perspective, right?

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