SmartyPants Vitamins

Between working, parenting, exercising, and writing in the evenings, my schedule can be pretty challenging. Normally I enjoy the organized chaos and excitement, but a few weeks ago, I began to notice I wasn’t feeling like my usual self.  After I thought about my long list of obligations, I realized it was no wonder I was feeling exhausted. One night, when I was falling asleep at the dinner table, I knew I needed to make some changes.

I think my burnout was caused by two factors: one, I was definitely over-extending myself and not prioritizing my own well being. I know I wasn’t sleeping properly or taking enough time to recharge. Two, I don’t think I was getting the proper nutrition I needed to function properly and be my best self. In today’s eat-a-bowl-of-cereal-while-standing-up world, it’s not too surprising that many Americans are vitamin deficient.

The first change I made was to limit my obligations and take better care of myself through rest and relaxation. The second was to eat more regular, balanced meals (I’m notorious for skipping dinner in particular). The third change was to find a great multivitamin that could fill in the gaps.

After researching a few different vitamin brands, I decided to give SmartyPants a try. A few things about SmartyPants caught my eye: I like how they include sustainably-sourced omega 3 fish oil in the formula (that’s usually a separate pill), they are made from non-GMO ingredients, and each vitamin is tested for quality throughout the entire production process.

I have a really sensitive stomach (seriously, ask my husband, I’m always driving him nuts with what I can and cannot eat each day!) and taking vitamins first thing in the morning usually makes me super nauseous. Even though I take SmartyPants as soon as I wake up, they have never caused me any stomach discomfort at all.

The three flavors (orange, lemon creme, and blueberry) are really tasty, too! They are sweet and actually satisfy my sweet tooth in the morning. Although they contain fish oil, they don’t taste like fish at all. The serving size is six gummies, which at first seemed like a lot, but I got used to taking that many pretty quickly.

My energy levels have improved significantly since I began prioritizing my wellness and taking SmartyPants regularly. Before, I was finding myself struggling to get through the day. Now I feel much more equipped to handle my busy schedule.

I’ve noticed the price varies for these vitamins depending on where you buy them. Walmart has the lowest price that I’ve found: they sell the 120-count bottle for $16.88. Go ahead and get yourself a bottle today, you won’t regret it!

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