Four Reasons to Love Aldi Grocery Stores

It’s been about fifteen years since I first used a quarter to unlock a cart. Back then, the only Aldi around was about a half hour north from my parents’ house. It wasn’t a fancy store, but my mom loved going there because the value was unbeatable. “But they don’t even give you grocery bags?” I used to think, puzzled. “And where are the Oreo’s?”

Fast forward to today, and Aldi has expanded considerably: now, there are several stores within a half hour of my house. Although in some ways they still resemble that modest store of 2004, in many other ways they have improved and modernized to become an inviting place to grocery shop week after week.

Aldi is definitely my favorite place to grocery shop right now.

Unbeatable Value

In my opinion, Aldi is the best store for quality and affordable groceries. Prices at Aldi can sometimes be dollars cheaper than our neighborhood grocery store, and many products are organic.

These Elevation bars by the Millville brand are one of my weekly pantry staples.

Commitment to Sustainability

Aldi has been dedicated to sustainability for many years now. It seems like they pioneered the “bring your own bag” movement in the United States.

The stores are practical and just the right size, so they use less energy than the large grocery store chains. According to the company’s website, over 100 stores now hold the GreenChill Platinum Certification for eco-friendly refrigeration. Solar panels are present at 99 stores, and the register receipts are BPA-free.

Seasonal Variety

Another thing I love: the store is always changing with the seasons, which makes everyday grocery shopping more exciting. In the fall, they have a great selection of pumpkin and maple products. In the winter they sell Christmas decorations, holiday food trays, and peppermint candies. The spring and summer has gardening tools, picnic foods, and BBQ supplies. There’s always something new and practical to catch your eye.

Wide Organic and Healthy Selection

The “Simply Nature” healthy sub-brand is expanding regularly. It now includes everything from organic tortilla chips to cereals to yogurt to pasta sauce. When I shop at Aldi, at least half of my cart contains organic or non-GMO foods, and I don’t have to pay the steep price I would at other stores.

To be fair, you can’t get everything at Aldi. If you need dragonfruit, specialty red Thai curry paste, or almond milk creamer, you’ll have to go to a specialty store. That’s ok, though, because most of the other items on my list can be found at Aldi. And who knows, they may have that specialty product you’re looking for next time!

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