Sustainability at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center

If you’ve ever been to Pittsburgh, you certainly know that the city has a beautifully recognizable skyline. In 2003, Pittsburgh added another unique structure to its collection: the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Also known as the “DLCC,” the Convention Center was designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly and is a wonderful representation of green engineering and thoughtful design.

The building is unmistakable, especially upon entering the city from the north. Its wide, curved roof is just as functional as it is aesthetic: it utilizes aerodynamics to funnel Pittsburgh’s river breezes to cool the building efficiently and cost-effectively. The gentle slope and stainless steel cording blend seamlessly with the many historical bridges in the background. Even the building materials were thoughtfully selected: half of the new materials required for the project were sourced within 500 miles of the city, and recycled materials were used when possible.

The view from the Green Roof South Terrace at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Upon entering the Convention Center, you’ll notice the building is full of natural light. This is due to the huge windows that allow sunlight to shine through, minimizing the need for artificial lighting. The multi-level design provides depth and a feeling of connectedness even throughout the various floors. It’s no wonder why this building houses numerous events every year from AnthroCon to the International Auto Show.

There are many reasons why this building became the largest LEED® Gold Certified convention center (for more information on that, click here).

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